Winter Favourites

For some reason everyone always dreads winter – but I think its the perfect time to add a little bit of luxury and indulgence into your life. My list of winter favourites will help you do just that, from beauty to health, fashion and lifestyle – these products are guaranteed to warm up your love for winter.


For Health

Quest Nutrition
Healthy eating should be fun! You deserve delicious, real food that’s actually good for you. That’s why Quest has created protein bars that taste amazing without compromising on nutrition. So whenever you’re craving a chocolate bar, just reach for a quest bar instead – it’s the best way to cheat clean! I can’t get enough of the cookies and cream flavour, sometimes I go to the gym just for an excuse to eat it afterwards. Such a good influence!

Coco Vodka is from Melbourne, a different kind of paradise. They have more restaurants than coconut trees and spend more time in bars than on the sand. Their nights are a little longer and their hearts beat a little faster, it’s their appetite for adventure, it’s the lifestyle they live. This is their culture in a can. It’s a little bit of bad, for those who want something good.
For more health inspiration – see Inner Ego and Onzie posts from last month x 


For Beauty

Nudie Rudie
 A Coconut Affair
 by Nudie Rudie is a  scrub which is full to the brim of certified organic ingredients and essentials oils. All of their products are specifically formulated to alleviate the appearance of cellulite, fade scaring, skin pigmentation, dark spots and stretch marks and heal skin disorders such as acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis and dry, itchy, flaky skin.

lifestyleFor Fashion

Ross Rino Aquila from Brandstigate
Neutral, classic and timeless – this watch ticks all the essentials. Ross Rino watches are such classic pieces that integrate so well into different styles and looks, an investment that will pay for itself over the years!

For Lifestyle

Atelier Lumira Home Fragrance
These candles can turn any space into luxury – not just because of their divine smell but also due to their incredible packaging! They are handcrafted using the purest, all-natural soy wax available and cotton wicks, together with fine essential and aroma fragrance oils composed by a team of internationally renowned perfumers.


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