Summer Health Round Up


From New Years Resolutions to last ditch attempts at trying to get that perfect bikini body – summer for me is all about experimenting with different health care products.

juice cleanse

Schkinny Maninny Juice and Soup Cleanse

I’m no stranger to juice cleanses – I love them to kickstart my health goals or as a bit of a detox when I’m feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Since moving to Melbourne I’ve been looking all over the place for a great juice company – and I’ve found it! I usually have to hold my nose while I have green juices, but Schkinny Maninny juice cleanse was truly delicious. Although glass jars are super cute, the plastic bottles from Schkinny Maninny made it so easy to carry them to work conveniently.

They offer an exclusive cleanse program designed to clear your body of nasty toxins, kick start your sluggish metabolism and make you feel awesome! They have all different option of cleanses depending how hard core you want to go, from juice and dinner, juice and soup, pure juice, active cleanses or low fruit and green only juices. There are literally options for every juice goer!

Just imagine unbridled energy, brighter mood, sharper focus, radiant skin, recharged immunity, and a svelte booty…

health blogger

health blogger

Matcha Co

If you’re looking for an alternative to tea or coffee – Matcha just might be the thing for you! If you suffer from caffeine jitters, matcha offers a more sustained release of caffeine, as well as a greater intake of antioxidants. You’re not just limited to drinking it however, because of its powder form you can add it to literally anything to enjoy the same great benefits. I tend to sprinkle it into smoothies or on top of my muesli when I’m busy and on the go. Matcha Co offers regular and premium matcha for all different tastes.

health blogger


Kakadu Plum Co

Kakadu Plum is an Australian native bush plant that grows natively across the top end of Northern Australia and the Kimberley. It’s been said to contain the highest level of natural Vitamin C content, more than 100 times that of oranges! Because of this rich vitamin C content, it also displays antioxidant properties believed to hold a number of benefits for human health. It’s another perfect thing to sprinkle over smoothies for an extra morning boost!

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