PicoSure by Cynosure

If you’ve been following my rather up and down skin journey – you’ll know that I’ve been on the ultimate quest to get the perfect bridal glow! Every woman’s quest towards that goal is different, but for me it was getting rid of stubborn acne scars and pigmentation. I’ve left no stone unturned, from beauticians, to GPs and dermatologists, from wonder creams to antibiotics and roaccutane – this all lead me to PicoSure by Cynosure, Australia’s leading laser treatment.

The Laser Technology

The unique FOCUS lens array technology delivers unparalleled skin rejuvenation through a process of cell signalling. This is what sets apart PicoSure from other laser treatments, as the laser momentarily deforms rather than damages the cell, which releases proteins that signal to other cells that it’s in need of help. This stimulates your bodies repair mechanism to produce collagen and elastin, but the cell bounces back to it’s normal shape and with no actual damage to repair, so all of the collagen and elastin are dedicated to plumping and tightening the skin. This process is designed to take years off your skin!

The Process

I was initially very apprehensive walking into my first PicoSure treatment, the word ‘laser’ has always put me off from getting any treatments, but after hearing incredible things about the Cynosure technology I thought I’d give it a go.

The lovely ladies at Richmond Skin and Laser were so professional and genuinely cared about my skin, they sat me down to talk through the history my skin issues as well as lifestyle factors to best determine the course of treatment for me, as well as which areas to focus on. This immediately settled any fears I had about the process as I knew my skin was in the hands of experts.

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The Downtime

I’ve always been hesitant about getting laser treatment because of the downtime, I could imagine nothing worse than being confined to my house over the weekend (actually now that I think about it… I could do with that kind of weekend right about now!), but PicoSure’s treatment have minimal downtime compared to other laser treatments. My skin was sightly tender for about an hour following the treatment, but after that it felt incredible!

The Results

The days following the treatment I started to see improvements in my skin, my stubborn old scarring looked smoother and my complexion looked a whole lot fresher and healthier. It has come leaps and bounds from where it was to where it is now – and it’s making me love my skin again.

Keep your eye on my instagram to see photos of the results!


Is It For You?

I highly recommend heading into a PicoSure provider for a consultation to see what amazing results you can get for your skin. Whether it’s the first step on your journey towards better skin or if you feel like you’ve tried everything available – PicoSure may be the answer for you.

Cynosure have treatments for surgical and acne scars, skin revitalisation, pigmentation as well as tattoo removal, hair removal and body contouring.


I was fortunate enough to visit Richmond Skin and Laser and my experience was incredible from start to finish – and even after with thoughtful follow up messages to see how my skin was tracking.

Visit Cynosure’s website to find a provider near you – you can trust that all the providers have been trained to use this amazing technology and have your skins best interest at heart.


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