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For years my partner has been ordering his products online, whenever he’d get to the check out he’d ask if I wanted any beauty products- and try to convince me to have a look through this “really awesome website”. I’d always look at him as if he was crazy, as if he was onto a better online shop than me! Then one of my girlfriends sent a link to me and urged me to check it out, I didn’t even hesitate – a split second later I had already filled my e-bag up with all my favourite beauty brands, essentials, and things I don’t need but you know how it is. When I got the parcel in the mail it came in the most glorious box, and was filled with samples and even chocolate as a gift. I went to gloat to my boyfriend about how awesome my new discovery was and how great of an online shopper I am. He just looked at me and then burst out laughing. He told me that this is the website he’d been using for months…

All this time, I’d been paying extra for my products and receiving poorer quality service. It couldn’t have come any sooner, I’m now a loyal Adore Beauty Fan!

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Who is Adore Beauty?

Adore Beauty arrived on the web way back in April 2000, the brainchild of self-confessed “beauty junkie” Kate Morris. Having grown up in Launceston, Tasmania, she had always bemoaned the fact that all the hottest beauty products mentioned in the magazines were only available to those who lived in the big cities. Kate was inspired to create an online beauty boutique that would allow women everywhere to access the best products, anywhere, anytime.

Adore Beauty is Australia’s leading online shopping destination for beauty products and cosmetics. With over 150 cosmetics brands and 10,000-plus beauty care products, there’s no better place to shop for your favourite beauty brands.

My Top Beauty Picks

For skincare – try out Skinstitut products, if you haven’t heard me rant on about how good they are, see my previous blog post. They’re good, really good, and you can buy them through Adore Beauty if you don’t have time to pop into a beautician!

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The best part of shopping online with Adore Beauty?

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