Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life – you want to be looking and feeling your best! It’s probably the day where the most amount of photos will be snapped of you – unless your parents went all out photographing you before your ball. But these photos you’ll want to remember and cherish for ever – unlike those featuring your braces and less then desirable fashion choices… I’ve compiled my favourite health brands from this month to help you to feel your best from the inside out!

FEATURING Naturamin, Flora Remedia, Muma Health & Pure Glow Cleanse



I do not function without my morning coffee so was apprehensive about swapping it over to something healthy – afraid I wouldn’t be able to get started in the morning! However my GoGreen slimming coffee tasted just like the real thing – and knowing it was good for me made it taste that much better!

The geniuses over at Naturamin have put a little something extra in their Herbal Blend Arabica green coffee to help you lose weight and detox faster. It is kam-packed full of naturally occurring caffeine – including Green Tea Leaf extract and Ginseng. Plus they’ve added a comprehensive formula of all-natural, high-quality ingredients like Calcium and super slimming, weight loss wonder mineral Chromium Picolinate to make it the tastiest, most effective, kick-starting brew around.

Sometimes when I avoid going to the gym because I am so exhausted from a days work, this is where the GoGreen coffee came most in handy for me as it was a pre-workout buzz that kicked me out of the house and got me through that dreaded workout with so much more energy! No more of my personal trainer complaining that I was being slack during my work out.


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Not a coffee drinker? Not a problem! Not only has Naturamin revolutionised my morning coffee, but they’ve also turbo-charged your daily cup of tea with a host of weight-busting, detoxing natural herbs and slimming tea extracts to take your healthy lifestyle to a whole new plane.

One of the amazing key ingredients in their tea is the legendary Oolong Tea which is the alleged miracle behind keeping the Chinese women’s bodies so slim and youthful throughout history!

Their tea has similar benefits to their GoGreen coffee in that it speeds up metabolism, burns fat and prevents fat storage, helps to convert food to energy, regulates your blood sugar levels, suppresses your appetite. In addition to this, it’s detox properties help to aid in the proper digestion of food, help to detox your internal organs and improve your sleep quality!


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Sometimes people over look supplements in favour of bigger products, but as we all know bigger does not mean better! Sometimes with health it is good to get back to the fundamentals with a good old fashion supplement. The Brain Booster by Naturamin is a comprehensive, all-natural, premium formula nootropic brain supplement. It blends together  eleven safe and super-effective ingredients, carefully chosen for their ability to positively affect and support your little grey cells!
Too often my brides have what I have affectionately dubbed ‘bride brain’ where their memory has been replaced with different shades of white and the dreaded seating arrangements – to the extent that they become so forgetful of everyday things! The Brain Booster is the perfect supplement to help with this, to help you multi-task between work, life and your wedding!
A stronger memory, sharper focus, greater mental energy, higher levels of productivity and better cognition comes in handy for everyone!
I remember when my mum was into aromatherapy, she had an oil to evoke just about any feeling. After stumbling upon Flora Remedia, I’ve realised I’m about to turn into her! Their range includes scents to uplifting you, strengthen your immunity, calm you down, help to invigorate you and a spray to help you let go. Flora Remedia products are completely natural and unique using only the best quality natural and certified organic oils. They don’t use any synthetic fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals or artificial colours. What I love most about Flora Remedia is that they are 100% Australian owned and manufactured over in Melbourne. Their bottles are conveniently sized and are one of the most instant and natural ways to alter your own emotions that we know of – not to mention look absolutely stunning! Calm Infusion You roll on this amazing scent to your pulse points as often as needed. It is soothing, centring and, as the name suggests – calming. The flower essences included in this blend are White Chestnut, Elm, Beech and Holly. Settle Lavender Mist Lavender is an amazing scent to spritz onto pillow before sleep to help soothe mind, promote relaxation and ultimately help you get a better sleep. This spray can also be used as a gentle hair fragrance spray, a room mist as well as a facial or body spray. –



If you haven’t heard of the two incredibly good looking super models Gisele Bündchen or Adriana Lima, you’ve definitely been living under a rock! What do these two incredible women have in common? They’re Brazilian!

The Brazilian body tea is a subtle flavoured Brazilian inspired specialty tea blend promoting body detoxification, digestive cleansing and strengthening, antioxidant boosting, energy stimulation and deeper REM level sleep. And if it helps me look anything like those Brazilian super models, I’ll be drinking this by the gallon!

My favourite thing about this tea detox blend is it is super convenient. The tea is packed into teabags instead of a loose leaf blend and comes in both a Day Tea and a Night Tea.

The Day Tea contains Brazilian Acai Berry which assists detoxification processes, Green Tea which stimulates metabolism / promotes general well being, Brazilian Yerba Mate, an ingredient which promotes a healthy digestive system / stimulates natural energy and finally Lemon Peel which assists digestion and gives this tea its fresh tones and flavour.

The Night Tea also contains Brazilian Acai Berry, as well as Cascara Bark which supports a healthy colon and the removal of free radicals in the detoxification process, Motherwort which promotes a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep and Lemon Peel.


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Many brides want to detox in the lead up to the wedding, not only does it help with weight control but also flushes toxins out of your body and leaves you with that radiant, bridal glow! However not all cleanses are the same, and some can leave you tired and grouchy – two things that may lead you to being a bridezilla! That’s why it is so important to research any detox before doing it, I’ve recently done a juice detox so I can tell you all about it! See my extended post here to read all about the good and the bad of this juice cleanse – as well as tips if you are planning on doing it!

I picked to do my juice cleanse with Pure Glow Cleanse. Why? Because they don’t compromise on quality. Ever. See the blog post for reasons why this is, and find out which places stock them here or find out delivery information here!

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