It’s Always Time for Cake

There’s no hiding my affinity for food. I just love it. Even just looking at photo’s of it makes me happy, al biet very, very hungry! So when there is beautifully presented food I am a very happy lady. These cakes from Butter Baking look simply divine, which is good because it would SLIGHTLY delay me devouring them whole as I took a moment to appreciate their beauty!

They’re made to look even prettier complimented by the most gorgeous plates by AnnaVasily. AnnaVasily is a contemporary glass tableware brand created by international designer from Greece Anna Papaharisi. The range is far from average meaning you’d be the envy of everyone at your dinner party. This collection features a metallic colour palette, natural textures and patterns, and uniquely shaped designs.

Tell me what these cakes are already!

Tasting almost as decadent as they look, these blood plum tartlets are made up of raspberry, almond frangipane and chocolate shortcrust

This cake took my breath away from the moment I saw it. It’s a white chocolate, caramel and fig mud cake with vanilla mascarpone cream, salted caramel drizzle and fresh figs. The figs make it healthy… right?

This chocolate raspberry soufflé tart would be the dream of nearly every dessert lover. It’s baked in chocolate shortcrust pastry and topped with red wine poached pears.


Cakes // Butter Baking @butterbaking

Florist // Lulu Bird @lulu_bird0

Stationary // March Three @marchthree_event_stationery 

Plates // @AnnaVasilydesign

Photography // Grace Petrou @agent86photography

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