How to Look Sexy on Your Wedding Day

Sometimes there is a fine line between sexy and that dreaded other ‘S’ word. Many brides want to look sexy on their wedding day, without running the risk of one of their grandparents having a heart attack as they turn and see their darling granddaughter walking down the aisle.

It’s important to be elegant while you’re being sexy – to give you a timeless look so your children won’t blush every time their friends come over and look at your wedding photo where have your amazing pre baby body was on display.

The queen designers of nailing the sexy-elegant look would have to be Berta Bridal, Julie Vino and Inbal Dror – and if you follow me on instagram you’ll see that I’m a major fan of this look!

Low cut plunge seems to be the look of the season, but contra to popular believe – this style is far more suited to smaller bust brides than women with a larger bust. A smaller bust you can get the hint of cleavage, and you run much less of a risk of ‘falling out of the dress’. It’s one of the ways you can skim your way down the sexy-elegant line.

berta bridal

One of my favourite rules about dressing sexy-elegant is to always pick one or two body parts to show off while hiding the others. For example, if I am to opt for a clingy mini dress I’d prefer it to be high neck and long sleeved – drawing all the attention to the legs. Since most wedding dresses cover your legs – the other options are the bust, back and arms. See how elegant these long sleeved dress looks despite their plunging neckline?! Proof of my theory!

berta bridal 2

berta bridal 3

julie vino

This dress breaks my rules – by showing bust, back and arms all at once. If you are really in love with a look like this – opt for wearing a beautiful jewelled cape or fur around  your shoulders for the ceremony, and channel the full sexy afterwards when the formalities are out of the way and the party kicks off (and the grandparents are sound asleep!).julie vino 3

Sheer gowns are another style that is making absolute waves in the wedding industry! While visible bra and high waisted underwear may (definitely) be a trend that passes and therefore should be avoided. Instead opt for a longer slip – it still gives the impression of skin but is a lot more classy, classic and flattering! What more could you want in a look?!

Mihano Momosa

inbal dror

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