Eloping, Honeymooning or Just Planning a Romantic Getaway?

It’s that time of the year where just about everyone is travelling. And the rest of us? Well we’re scrolling our your instagram getting massive travel envy – and probably minutes away from booking our own trip!

So if you are one of the lucky ones who are getting away – make the most of it! Follow these three simple rules;

Travel in style.

Eat great food.

And don’t forget to snap away so we can live vicariously through you!

Although I’m possibly the most expert in eating food, I’m going to give you my top trips for travelling in style.


Matching Luggage Set

You need to start with the essentials – so you can arrive and leave feeling amazing. The key to that would be a gorgeous suitcase. Paklite’s luggage range is the key to looking fabulous at the airport – even if you’re on a dreaded red eye flight. And nothing says “I’m pulled together, I swear I didn’t sleep through three alarms and frantically rush to the airport” quite like a matching luggage set.

I’ve invested in a gorgeous champagne Style Air luggage set. I’ve got a medium trolley case (RRP$359) and a small trolley case (RRP$299), which is perfect for taking on-board.




Personalised Accessories

Personalised accessories are always the best kind of accessories. Be it an embroidered hat that sums up what you’re feeling – or monogrammed his and her luggage tags. The personal touches make all the difference and add an element of luxe.


kate-spade-luggage-tag kate-spade-2

Luggage Tags by Kate Spade, Hat found on Pinterest

Travel Wallet

I highly recommend investing in a travel wallet. They’re much more convenient than a passport holder as they can hold your foreign currency and most importantly – a pen so you can fill out the form at customs! I’ve learnt that you can quickly become the most popular person at the airport if you’ve got a few spare pens to go around.


Travel wallet from smythson.com

Jewellery Roll

If you’re the kind of traveller who jet sets off to destinations where you need to take your diamonds in tow – then you should definitely invest in a good quality jewellery roll. It will keep all your gorgeous possessions safe in one place – and will make sure your favourite necklaces don’t end up in a tangled mess at the bottom of your handbag.


Found on Pinterest

Miniature Containers

Admittedly it will most probably just be the maid that see’s these in your hotels bathroom so it doesn’t TECHNICALLY make you a more stylish traveller, but they’re just so cute I couldn’t leave them off the list! Having miniature containers of all your regular favourite products means you don’t have to mess up your skincare routine while travelling.


Containers from Bobbi Brown

Beauty and Medical Items

While we’re on the topic of beauty products – there is a must pack list.

Paw paw ointment and Vaseline are multi use products – perfect for your lips after they inevitably get dried out from the plane, as well as useful for cuts, burns or bites.

Pack bug spray and sunscreen! These are the two items I always end up forgetting, and they can cost an arm and a leg overseas and are often no where near the quality we are fortunate enough to have in Australia. Get as high of an SPF rating as possible – because remember, sunburn and skin cancer is definitely not stylish!

Dry shampoo is great if you’re on one of those trips where you don’t know when your next shower will be… Or if you’re just out too late partying and then have a jam packed itinerary the next day so you don’t have the time to sneak in a shower. No judgement, we’ve all been there!


A gorgeous Wrap

A wrap while you’re travelling is a multi use godsend! From using it as a sarong while you’re walking down the beach to throwing over your shoulders when you’re visiting a religious destination. It never stops surprising me how often it can be handy in the one trip!


Source: Pinterest

Hopefully these suggestions have given you the inspiration to book a trip and travel in style! If not, you’ve still got a whole summer left ahead of you to go…

Go on, book it already!


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