Winter Style – The Basics

I’ve learnt that wool and layers will be my best friend as I approach my first Melbourne weather. I’m not going to lie – although I’m terrified for the colder temperatures, I think it’s a great opportunity to refresh my wardrobe with some stylish, warm wool pieces!

I’ve been  hunting around everywhere for wool basics – and I think I’ve found my mecca at MetaliusTheir Gina Collection is made from a premium wool blend that is exclusive to Metalicus and the Australian market. This means that unlike some wool products, their blend is stretchier, warmer and stronger. I’m stocking up on their basic range which will (hopefully!) give be endless possibilities of effortless winter layering when the cold weather hits!

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Shop their wool collection here.

In the meantime, anyone has any other cold weather dressing suggestions – please let me know! I’m going to need all the help I can get this season.


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