D E L I L A F O X – Part 1 of our “La Rose D’Hiver”, 2018 collection.

I’m excited to share Part 1 of the Delila Fox “La Rose D’Hiver” 2018 collection.

The collection is inspired by a fairytale based in the Siberian winter, where only the wild roses grow, the “La Rose D’Hiver” collection features crisp, romantic gowns, dressed beautifully in modern laces and minimal slim line silhouettes.



This series of Delila Fox gowns are the first look of our 2018 vision and will be available in stores this September, 2017. 


Photographer: Emma Esther & Smith @emmaandthecamera   || http://etherandsmith.com/

Creative Director: Sierra Ramke @sierraramke  ||  www.sierraramke.com

H&M : Page Beauty @pagebeauty   || https://www.pagebeauty.com/

Model: Erin Cummings @elitemodella  || http://www.elitemodel.com/elite/

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