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From coconut face masks to snail repair eye cream – we have it all covered in this months Beauty Favourites! All of these amazing brands are featured and for many of them there will be more blog posts and instagram snaps to come giving you an update on how well they measure up to their claims.


Joi Pure

This brand is West Australian owned and run – up in the picturesque hills of the Swan Valley! The JOI team are committed to providing pure, natural skincare products that use only the finest of nature’s organic ingredients to make skincare of an exceptionally high quality.


I’ve been using a drug store moisturiser for so long that I’ve forgotten how good healthy and hydrated skin can feel. This day cream is an incredibly restorative moisturiser that left my skin feeling plump and silky smooth. I couldn’t help but touch my face for the rest of the day – probably overloading my skin with oils in the process, undoing the great work of the moisturiser! Not only is it nourishing, replenishing and hydrating, but it also aids in the regeneration of skin cells helping you look younger for longer. What’s best is that it has 95% organic content – because no one likes putting chemicals on their skin.


To complement all the great work done by your moisturiser during the day – it only makes sense to have something equally amazing on your skin at night. The AAA Night Serum is formulated with nature’s most powerful anti-ageing ingredients which helps to rejuvenate the skin and help prevent and treat the signs of ageing.

Everyone thinks that anti-aging treatments are only for those with   mature or sun damaged skin, however I always think that prevention is better than cure! The sooner you can establish good habits with your skin care routine, the longer you can delay the ageing of your skin.



I have a Korean friend who I swear has never had a blemish, sun damage or even a sign of a wrinkle forming! If you ever have been lucky enough to travel to Korea you would have noticed their high-quality and innovative skincare products, made from bizarre ingredients such as egg white and snail secretion… Sounds disgusting but if they helped me achieve flawless skin like the Koreans have – I’ll happily give it though, albeit I am more than happy I can’t read the ingredients list!

STYLE STORY is an amazing brand that wants to introduce Australia to some of the many products that are beloved in other parts of the world. At STYLE STORY, you can discover the next big thing in beauty and buy the latest and best Korean cosmetics online in Australia with the click of a button – no need to navigate foreign websites, foreign currencies, overseas shipping or Google translate – they’ve done all the hard work for you. I’m giving an Egg White Pore Mask, Snail Repair Eye Cream and Platinum Grape Cell Eye Cream as well as a bundle of other products a go! Keep your eyes posted to the blog to see all of the products I’ve trailed and how they’ve gone!

Nzuri Organics


 I thought this was a parcel full of chocolate and I was so excited to open it. I got all the scents of their amazing body butter in little test tubs and I sat down to try to figure out which was my favourite, but they all smelt so delicious that I got extremely hungry and had to pop out to get lunch… So the jury is still out on my favourite! The chocolate lip balm made me reminisce over primary school days when I found my favourite Lip Smacker with teeth marks in it from where my brother had tasted it…

All their products are Vegan which means you can feel even better about indulging in them! Keep your eyes peeled to the blog about a detailed review of each of the incredible Nzuri Organics products, coming soon!

TruSelf Organics – Detoxifying Facial Mask

If you have sensitive skin and find that most masks strip your skin of oils and irritates it – look no further then the TruSelf Mask! It contains no paragons, petroleum, sodium laurel sulcate, phthalates and most importantly no artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

The powerful detoxifying action of the mask works to restore blemish-prone or problem skin. The toning action helps to reduce discolorations, fine lines, wrinkles and scars to create a glowing and even skin complexion. I had to see for myself what all the buzz is about!

When I received this product I was so excited that I skipped reading the instructions and opened it right up! To my surprise it was a powder instead of mud… In my first few uses of this product I’ve struggled to get the consistency right to make a normal mud mask – but the liquid formula I ended up with still worked great. I’ll keep you updated about how the product goes once I’ve figured out how to get the consistency right!



Blackout Face Mask is a 100% natural treatment which uses Activated Charcoal and Coconut Oil to take away any impurities whilst hydrating and firming your skin. Blackout Mask is 100% Australian owned & based in Brisbane.

In a nutshell, the deactivated charcoal draws out dirt, oil and general grossness from your pores and refines your skin for a “yes, I drank eight cups of water and got nine hours of sleep” look – even when you really didn’t (because who actually does?). As for the coconut oil, not only will it hydrate and moisturise but it’s also a natural antibacterial that can penetrate your skin better than any other oils. And, well its smells like you’re on a tropical beach, without all that sand left in icky places. The last magical ingredient, but certainly not least – is Aloe Vera. Acne prone, inflamed skin isn’t the only type that can benefit from a little aloe love – sensitive, red and dry skin will also hugely benefit. It’s soothing and cooling effects help to rebuild damaged tissue and improve the skin’s elasticity, therefore minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



A while ago I ordered some amazing Chai Protein, and when I was on their site I found this wonder scrub! Chai is hands down my favourite smell in the world, especially heading into winter! There’s nothing more appealing then snuggling up in bed with a milky chai and watching reruns of your favourite TV show while its storming outside. Now the masterminds at Chai Protein have found yet another way for you to enjoy that amazing Chai Aroma!

Their Chai Spiced Body scrub will send you to chai tea heaven with its highly fragrant spicy aroma. Made using only organic and natural ingredients, this scrub will target cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins, eczema, acne, scarring and psoriasis. It also contains organic coconut oil to hydrate and soothe your skin, organic brown sugar and dead sea salt to exfoliate, smooth and soften your skin, vitamin e oil and grapeseed oil which are both full of antioxidants to tone, cleanse and clarify your skin and finally the best part – their own unique chai tea spice blend with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and organic black tea to help reduce the appearance of cellulite/stretch marks/veins and have you smelling chai-licious!



I spent far too long contemplating whether to feature this product under health or beauty products… To be honest I don’t think it constitutes as a beauty product but I love it so much I’ve decided to feature it again!

You can roll the Calm Infusion on your pulse points as often as needed, to soothe, centre and calm you. The Settle Lavender Mist is perfect to spritz onto your pillow before sleep to soothe your mind and help you get to sleep. Like all my favourite products, these beauties are not tested on animals and are Australian made and owned.

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    March 27, 2015 / 12:09 am

    Have you heard of Younique? They have some awesome beauty products that are worth a try if you haven’t already ^_^ I love ’em 🙂 Their Uplift eye serum is fab!

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