Interview: Celebrity Makeup Artist Michael Brown

I sat down with celebrity makeup artist, educator and CoolSculpting Ambassador Michael Brown for 5 quick questions to get the low down on all things makeup in the lead up to the big day.

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What are your top tips for boosting bridal confidence in the lead up to their big day?

In the lead up to a wedding, people often find the need to follow extreme diets and training programs in order to look their absolute best on their big day… However, it takes different measures to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin, so you need to be sure not to compare yourselves to others. The more you take the time to take care of yourself, the better the relationship will be with your body and also those around you.

Treat Yourself

In the weeks before your wedding give yourself a little extra love – like a massage, getting your hair or nails done.

Facials are great in the weeks leading up to your wedding day to create smoother skin and increase hydration ahead of your makeup application. Just don’t get any clay or extraction style treatments the week of the wedding, as you don’t want any unexpected spots!

Stay Healthy

Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are great for feeling comfortable in the lead up to your wedding. Whether you decide to meet with a nutritionist, trainer or plan your diet and routine yourself, keeping healthy and toned can help boost your everyday confidence.

Feel Body Confident

You may have areas you struggle with that may prevent you from feeling confident on your big day. If you struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to budge through dieting or exercise, CoolSculpting may be an option for you. It is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses innovative technology to freeze and eliminate fat cells. CoolSculpting treats areas such as double chin, back fat and bra overhang and has actually helped boost my everyday body confidence as it has sculpted annoying stubborn areas away.

 michael brown makeup

What’s the importance of doing a makeup trial before the big day?

Everyone has different views on how certain makeup looks should be applied. You may expect a makeup artist to do a light smokey eye however could end up with quite a deep, dramatic colour. It’s important to feel comfortable in the makeup you wear for the big day and look like yourself. A trial is always recommended as it’s the best way to get the look you want and also to make sure it will last the distance.

 michael brown makeup

Any tips for keeping makeup looking fresh for a summer wedding?

This is all comes down to prep and prime!

It is important to use a water-based moisturiser, so your skin plumps, but is not oily…

Use a mattifying/pore refining primer in the t-zone and an illuminating primer just on cheekbones for glow.

Foundation should be semi-matte and definitely powder the T-Zone, but not the outerareas of the face. This all provides balance so you are matte in the center of the face but still look fresh with glow on the outer areas, like cheekbones, for side profile shots.

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What are your top tips for brides getting their skin prepped before their big day?

Makeup can only be as fresh and natural as your skin quality underneath. It is important to boost hydration stored within the skin leading up to the day and of course creating a smoother texture by the use of weekly exfoliation.

Facials are a great way to buff and hydrate skin for the smoothest makeup application and day of, prep the skin with lots of hydration. Little eye hydration boosting masks are perfect while getting your hair done, ready for your makeup artist to work their magic.

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What is your favourite makeup look for brides?

The lived in makeup trend is still a hit. This means makeup is applied with fingertips, very blended, nothing so placed. Washes of colour on eyelids with cream sticks are great and lived in lip shades are also popular.

We’re also seeing richer shades for eyes in terracotta, rose golds and even orange and the sheen lip is coming back, giving plumpness to the lip.

Picking your pop points is a big part of makeup. Play up brow and lips with nude eyes or add more drama to the eyes with super fresh light lips.

My favourite look for brides is fresh, highlighted and nude tones. It’s best to not look like you are going to a dance party!

Pink base/fair skin looks great in warm summery tones and olive skin looks great in more winter tones, without going to deep. Building up nude tones to create depth, but also fresh highlighted skin is the best.

As for lips, only go bold if you are used to wearing colour and knowing you will need to touch up throughout the day!

 michael brown makeup

 michael brown makeup

 michael brown makeup

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