Wedding Etiquette Series

I’m excited to announce The White Files upcoming series on ‘Wedding Ettiquette’.

There are so many old school rules circulating around about the do’s and don’ts of weddings, so I’m here to straighten things up for once and for all! Although I don’t completely agree with turning traditional rules on their head – there are certainly some that need to be revised to meet what is really appropriate (and more importantly realistic) in the 21st century modern wedding.

These guides are for both brides as well as guests, because let’s face it – there are so many grey areas when it comes to modern weddings

From a guide to invitations (Do you really have to invite your second cousins? How do you politely say no children are allowed?) to what is reasonable amount to spend on the couple for a wedding gift – I’m covering all basis!
The definitive guidelines on wedding etiquette to answer all your burning questions is coming  just in time for bridal season.

Stay tuned to the wedding blog so you don’t miss any of these exciting (although slightly controversial) blog posts!

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