The Alice Tea Co – Teatox

Many brides ask me in the lead up to their wedding what a good detox is so they can kickstart their weight loss goals and achieve the perfect bridal body. The thing about many detoxes is they involve radically changing your diet which can affect hormones and result in you being more prone to be a bridezilla… This also leaves brides low on energy so they can no longer power through their wedding plans. I always suggest something natural that will compliment a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and moderate exercise.

I’ve recently had the chance to trial the 7 day teatox from Alice Tea Co. The good thing about a teatox is that they’re incredibly convenient! Unlike juice cleanses you just add them on to your current lifestyle – there is no need to cut out entire food groups or radically change your diet while doing them. Although the weight loss results aren’t remarkable and you may not notice an extreme change, they are the perfect way to kickstart their weight loss journey and general wellbeing. Although I didn’t notice any massive changes to my body, I definitely did feel more energised in the mornings and that I could power through more of the day!

The Alice Tea Co is a 7 day plan where you drink one cup of tea with, or just after breakfast, and one cup with or up to an hour after lunch. It can be consumed hot or cold meaning theres no excuse not to start it in summer!

Unlike many detox teas which aids weight loss through nasty laxatives that can strip essential nutrients from your body, The Alice Tea Co is a natural detox which is a combination of Pu-erh tea, hibiscus flowers, hawthorn berries, alfalfa, dandelion root, fennel and nettle. This blend reduces the amount of fats retained and stored after meals, helps to digest hard fats, boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite and enhances detoxification. Other benefits of our tea include promoting health of the circulatory system and high blood pressure, aiding digestion and stomach issues whilst containing ingredients which are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene and amino acids.

Each teatox is only $10 plus they offer free shipping! So order yours here or check out the rest of their range here. While you’re ordering yours, why not order one for each of the bridal party members so you can all detox together?!


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