Best Bridal Facial in Melbourne

Close your eyes and imagine walking into a beautician.
What do you see?
If it’s anything other than being warmly greeted with the cutest little cup of peppermint tea and genuine interest and care for your skin – you’re definitely picturing walking into the wrong salon.

The ladies at Richmond Skin and Laser were nothing but welcoming and so informative at every step of the process. I started with a skin consultation to decide what would deliver the best results based on my current skin health.

I opted for an oxygen facial, something that sounded oh so Hollywood. Oxygen facials are a 3 step hyaluronic layering process (try saying that quickly!). It’s based on hyperbaric oxygen treatments used in hospitals that promote and stimulate cell health, renewal and stimulation. Based on my skin type they chose to infuse the Rejuvenate serum which is made up of pure hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, E Green Tea and Aloe Vera as well as other ingredients perfect for balancing and hydrating.

 The facial works in a 3 step layering process to really hydrate the skin, starting with the serum infusion being the lightest weight and slowly moving up in weight. Based on how dehydrated your skin is at the beginning the results seen at the end point will be different but they call this the non-invasive face lift for reason! I saw a lift around the apple of the cheek, the smile line and brow line, the effect was a beautiful dewy glow, eye skin town and amazingly plumped skin. I was given home and after care products so I could recreate a similar effect in between appointments.


The oxygen facial is perfect for all skin types and all age groups – so you really have no excuse not to book in for one. It’s a Hollywood favourite (I have the inside word that a famous Australian model gets it done on her butt!) and has a stellar reputation simply due to being a great product that helps achieve happy healthy and glowing skin from within.

They have a range of infusions and home care products, and is often a go-to for bride and makeup artists to help create that perfect base for the perfect event. Best yet it has absolutely no down time, with some brides choosing to get it done the morning of their wedding to really enhance that bridal glow! I can’t wait to share more results with you all soon x

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