BERTA Bridal

The new bridal collection from BERTA is yet again a standout collection that brings a new take on bridal fashion. Berta managed to tell a comprehensive story through the designs she presented in this collection, while all designs are sophisticated and detailed, you can find many different variations and cuts that can speak to very different styles of brides. In such way Berta achieves her signature specification – uniqueness. A bride that wears a BERTA knows she will be different, she will stand out and leave a lasting impression.

The main inspiration for this collection came from the materials themselves, as Berta always starts her artistic process from the raw materials – the smallest stone or lace applique can inspire an entire collection for her. As a designer that always pushes the barriers, Berta emphasized more on shimmering and embellished dresses, when even a fully lace dress got an embellished under-layer to give it a bit of edge and glam.

As the most sought after bridal designer in the world, Berta always make sure to reinvent herself and bring something new to the table. And this collection is a brilliant example of that.

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