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Earlier this week I had the chance to sit down with my favourite New Zealand wedding blogger  – She Said Yes. Drawing on my her experience as a wedding blogger and planning her own wedding, she launched little white book – a wedding organiser and diary designed to simply and seamlessly incorporate wedding planning in a bride-to-be’s life.


Where did you get inspiration for your own wedding?

I really had to think about this! Because I was also writing She Said Yes, I was exposed to so much inspiration that it was more a matter of organising it all into something achievable. 

For inspiration in general, I prefer instagram to anything else. I browse hashtags and follow suggestions from other favourite companies and influencers, and of course followed every #weddingblogger I could find.


What was the inspiration behind LWB?

Truly, I just wanted to make wedding planning easier and give brides a really beautiful keepsake of their engagement. I assumed that a wedding organiser and diary would exist already, so I scoured the web (and every book/gift store) for one, and when I realised it didn’t, set about changing it. It had to be classic and timeless, and it had to be designed based on user-experience, how would it actually be to use, what would be the most useful tools, how much room would a bride really need for each element, etc.

I had kept a diary of my proposal, engagement party, hens parties and the big day itself (and everything in between).  It not only helped me to gather my thoughts, and often vent my frustrations, but it kept me really on track and organised.  What I didn’t anticipate though, was how useful these thoughts would be later – when it came to writing our vows and my wedding speech (one of the hardest things about wedding planning!) I turned back to the diary and drew inspiration from the planning process, as well as other notes I’d made along the way.



What makes LWB the best planning tool?

Writing things down is the best way to get organised and destress – it helps you get a grip when things feel like they’re spinning out of control. It truly helps to write things down – whether that’s writing to-do lists, recording your important appointments, and taking note of funny, stressful and happy times along the way. 

As you go through each task, prioritise the most important ones and spread the rest out – don’t try and do everything all at once.


What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to your own wedding planning days?

Whatever the decision or task, put it in perspective. When all you’re looking at or thinking about is centrepieces, you’re getting overwhelmed, it’s getting expensive, and you can’t see the wood for the trees, look at the bigger picture. The little things matter so much less than you give them credit for.

That, and write it all down. Thoughts, frustrations, worries, pleasures, the best and the worst of wedding planning and beyond. You’ll have it as a keepsake of your engagement to look back on in years to come.

To celebrate the launch, you can get a very exclusive 10% discount on the little white book with the code ‘thewhitefiles’.

Happy planning!


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