Honeymoon Style for European Summers

Are you one of the lucky ones about to jet set to Europe to ditch the Australian winter for a glorious European Summer for your honeymoon? Well boo to you for leaving the rest of us here! I’ve forgiven you enough to put together a style post to help you pack.

The Base

Opt for dreamy white dresses to compliment that incredible Euro tan you’re about to be sporting on your honeymoon. Splashes of lace, statement bellowing sleeves and every length of hem will have you looking like a local fashionista in no time. Simply add a statement silk headscarf around your bag or in your hair for a pop of colour, and voila!

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The Swim

Pack swimsuits, and lots of them! No doubt you’ll be lazing your days away by the pool (look – no bitterness at all!) so you want to look good while you do it. Whites or blacks are the most classic colours and won’t date. Keep to simple one pieces or bikinis for classic shapes that way you can invest in a good quality swimsuit that you love season after season. If you want to go for a statement, opt for some subtle cut outs, frills or scalloped edges. Just beware of the dreaded tan line if you go for anything too crazy!

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The Bag

Look I know you have a spouse now, but that’s no excuse to use them as your human purse. There are so many gorgeous rattan and straw bags at the moment that you can sport the most gorgeous creation that you won’t want to discard onto your partner for an extra set of hands. Go for a shoulder strap so you can still wear it when eating a gelato or getting a snap for instagram – stylish and stress free, I like it.

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The Hat

Now while you’re having the time of your life on your honeymoon, don’t forget to be sun smart! I don’t want to sound like a nagging mum but protect your skin today and it will thank you later. Luckily being sun smart has never looked so cool with wide brimmed straw hats being so in fashion. They came in a few years ago and don’t show any sign of budging, so you definitely can splash out and invest in one that you’ll love well into the future.

Once more for good measure, don’t forget to stay sun smart!

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The Shoes

Wedges, slides, mules and sandals. You know the drill. Always opt for comfort first, because if no one has told you already – there are a lot of stairs in Europe!

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