Galia Lahav

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In a time where feminine rhythm prevails, Galia Lahav’s new collection
illustrates a world larger than the one we know. In the 1920’s,
women venture outside of traditional norms and adopt a new eclectic
fashion. This is a unique historical period in which gowns become
a visual celebration of political reform. The roaring 1920’s portrays
a notion of abundance and liberation from earlier restrictions.
This collection consists of new bridal trends taking on lavish lace and
luxurious embellishments. In pursuing her vision, Galia indulges in
new elegant and daring designs, recreating the glorious style of this
time period. With musical inspirations giving light to the new age of
Jazz, Charleston and the speakeasy night scene, the collection is a
glimpse of its radiating culture. Through a variety of new patterns,
Galia gives you past, present and future as she includes intricate
hand beaded fabrics, divine pearls, ivory lace and glistening crystals.
Because these gowns are so special, I’ll be uploading my favourites throughout the week – so keep your eyes peeled to the blog and instagram each day!
Today’s feature gown is the incredible Norma xx
It is covered with rich, intricate lace detailing – layered over the top of shimmering net and nude lycra to give a dramatic impact. This hue not only gives warmth to ones complexion but vintage – true to the jazz theme that runs through the entire collection.
The back of the gown is bare, with a glittering sheer plunge detail. This accentuates the natural curve of the back and gives off a demur sensual feel. The sides feature similar cut out detailing covered with sheer glittering net – to show the perfect hint of skin without feeling exposed.
The sides, straps, cleavage and back are all accentuated with hand embrued ivory trim honey pearls – the perfect high quality finish that you can expect from Galia Lahav gowns.
Norma Back
Norma Side

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