Thinking About Dressing Your Bridesmaids Differently?

From my days as a bridal stylist, one of the biggest dilemmas brides would come to me with was how to dress their bridesmaids so they all are comfortable but look like they’re members of the same bridal party.

At the end of the day you don’t want upset bridesmaids having to buy a gown they don’t like and feeling uncomfortable on your big day.

Whether you have girls of different body shapes, heights, complexions or maybe a baby in the way – sometimes wearing different dresses can be the most logical and universally pleasing option!


Stick to one colour family. Even if your bridesmaids want different hues to compliment their different colourings – make sure all the colours work well together and tell a story. Whether they’re all pastel shades, earthy shades of oranges and reds or aquatic greens and blues – be sure to look at all the different colours at the same time to ensure they all compliment one another.

bridesmaids colours


A mixture of different necklines can actually look incredible in photos – so be open to accommodating your bridesmaids preferences. Remember, the more comfortable they feel, the more confident they will look!

bridesmaids different necklines


There are a few contradicting opinions when it comes to varying lengths of bridesmaid gowns, so I recommend that you gauge this one by your taste and the style of your wedding!

Some say that a uniform dress length help to set a tone of formality for the wedding, and if some girls are in long dresses they may appear to be over-dressed in comparison to the girls in shorter dresses. The exception to this is having something different for the junior bridesmaids which I think can look adorable! I personally think that you can make different hem lengths work as long as the girls have another key feature (e.g. colour) that makes them look like they do indeed belong to the same wedding party.



There are also contradicting opinions when it comes to shoes! If your bridesmaids are wearing a long dress I honestly don’t see the point in them all having the same heel height, in fact I prefer it to vary in order to achieve a more uniform height amongst the bridesmaids.

If the shoes are visible however, ensure they are all in the same colour tone and fabrication. Better yet, give more specific directions such as open-toe, peep-toe or closed toe; strappy or solid; wedge or stiletto.

Finally, try selecting shoes early on in order to give the bridesmaids enough time to break them in – blisters are the last thing you need to worry about.


Hair and make-up

The general rule is to keep the hair and make-up similar but not the same. There does need to be room for for flexibility though; some shades of blush and lipstick work well with certain skin tones and some eyeliner styles might work with certain eye shapes and not others.

Regardless, make sure that they all have the right make-up with them beforehand and for touch-ups during the day. Better yet, organise a make-up artist for all of them and let the professional adapt the same look to each face.

Pictures of dresses from Goddess By Nature, previous post on their dresses here xx

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