Taking the First Step to Your Dream Wedding Body

You know that old saying, early bird gets the worm? Well that applies for your dream wedding body too. Summer bodies, and in this case wedding bodies, are made in winter. So I decided to finally take a step towards achieving that dream wedding body – and went out looking for somewhere to whip me into shape.

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 In order for me to be committed to exercise, I need a whole multitude of variables to fall into perfect alignment – the most important of which is loving where I train.

Now this is easier said than done, I can be pretty picky when it comes to exercise – if there is any excuse to not do it, I won’t! That’s why when I stepped into Kaya Health Club for the first time – I knew it was a match made in heaven.

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Kaya has two health clubs – one in the Emporium and one in Prahran. I tried out the one in the Emporium for the week and I realised that no regular gym will ever do the job again.

Kaya Emporium has two dedicated pilates reformer studios, an authentic yoga studio, a barre studio, a fitness studio and a dedicated cardio zone and weights area for those wanting to work out at their own pace. A Kaya Wellness team is also located at the club, offering Massage, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Chiropractic services, as well as a team of Resident Personal Trainers.


What made me fall in love with Kaya the most (which is a true testament to my non-exercise loving ways) was the fact that when you walked into the health club it smelt more like you were walking into an Aesop store. The experience didn’t end there though, their luxurious change rooms made it feel like you were getting changed at a day spa.

It is these little touches that truly make it deserving of the title of a ‘health club’ instead of just a regular old gym.

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If you work in the city or live near Prahran, or just like the idea of training in luxury – I seriously recommend going to check them out. Even if you’re like me and cringe at the thought of getting hot and sweaty in a group full of strangers – Kaya redefines the traditional concept of gyms to provide a much more luxurious and enjoyable experience.

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