Chai Protein

If you’ve never taken protein powder, the one by Chai Protein is the perfect one to start with! A smell of a protein powder often puts me off them before I even taste them, but when it comes to Chai Protein – you’ll never have this problem! The smell is absolutely delightful – I am guilty of leaving the packet open on purpose just so my entire kitchen smells as amazing as it does…

A lot of women are concerned that drinking protein will make them gain weight – when in fact the opposite is true! Protein promotes fat loss even when not working out by enhancing the release of glucagon (which builds muscle and burns fat) and by inhibiting the release of insulin (which encourages fat storage). Also, protein digestion burns more calories than digesting carbohydrates or fats – meaning a protein shake is a much better choice then muffin, not that we needed to tell you this…

The thing we love most about Chai Protein is that its perfect for on the go – unlike most protein powders that come in a bulky plastic tub, Chai Protein comes in a sleek pack which we almost want to fall out of our gym bag for other girls to see.

If you’re just starting out with trailing proteins, I recommend grabbing the Chai Protein and Shaker Pack which is only $34.95 – otherwise just grab the protein itself!

Do¬†you want to know what made my day today? After I’ve become absolutely addicted to the smell of the protein, I’ve found out they also do a chai body scrub! I’m way too excited to try this out and can’t wait to tell you all how it goes!




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