Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

What to get a bride for her bridal shower? It’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind at this time of the year!

By now you would have seen our incredibly chic bridal shower inspiration, so your entire bridal party is on board and now you’re busy planning one! Flick this post to your bridesmaids so they get you some seriously chic gifts – you can thank me later.

The next big question is what to get the woman of the hour for the occasion. You want to get her a great gift, but between saving up for an apartment (thanks for nothing Melbourne property market!) her actual wedding gift, as well as for the gorgeous pair of X you’ve had your eyes on – you need a couple of range of gifts.

If you want to get her something with a real personal touch (quite literally), then you can’t go past something personalised with her soon-to-be new initials.

bridal shower gift

These beauties are from The Daily Edited.

If you’re known for being the thrify online shopper of the group – always the one sharing the sale codes to your groups chat, I’m sure you already know to head to to pick up the perfect gift for an absolute bargain.

Catch has you covered for whatever kind of bride she is, from designer handbags to leading beauty products and gorgeous bottles of wine. My top picks are…

bridal shower gift

Gold Cutlery – do I have to explain?

Her favourite fragrance.

bridal shower gift

Help get her honeymoon ready.

Get her a gorgeous lace robe that she can wear on the morning of her wedding day. Cue some serious bridal boudoir inspiration with our recent boudoir shoot! These beauties are by Suzanne Harward.

If she’s a sassy bride – you can’t go past these now infamous Damselfly candles.

bridal shower gift bridal shower gift


Treat her to a spa day! It’s just what every bride needs in the lead up to their big day, it’ll help her to relax and unwind – and get that bridal glow. Read all of my skin series on the blog to see my top recommendations!

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