Bridal Hair Crush

This picture has been making it’s round right across bridal instagrams over the world. It is from Steven Khalil’s couture show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia last week. If you’ve managed to tare your eyes away from the dress for a second – you would be equally as awe struck by this gorgeous hair style!


Braids have been making a come back in a big way. I love how the classic braid has taken on so many new forms and been incorporated into different styles. It is a modern take on the elegant chignon, much like Steven’s collection, which is an elegant take on couture style for the modern woman.

Hair director Sharon Blain from Goldwell was aiming for an intricate style that still had a classic simplicity. “We wanted a design to complement the collection but not to overpower,” says Blain. “Steven’s gowns range from simple column forms to full skirts. It was important to have the hair work across the entire range.”


Want to copycat? Models’ hair was centre-parted, trailing into a braid that finished with a fishtail-plaited bun at the nape of the neck.

STEP 1: To recreate it, make a parting in line with the top of your ear, dividing the hair from ear to ear into two sections.

STEP 2: Work a three-strand scalp braid in a 5cm panel down the centre of your forehead, finishing at down to the back at the nape. Secure with a small band to hold. This can be lightly roughed for texture, but the braid should be tight.

STEP 3: Direct the sides softly back on both sides and secure at the nape. A light back-combing on the sides will help give body to finer hair.

STEP 4: Divide the ponytail into two sections and work a three-strand braid on one side to the end. Secure with a hairband. Make a loop out to the sides and secure the ends at the centre.

STEP 5: Repeat on other side, pin well and spray with a finishing spray to hold.

hair 3Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more on Steven Khalil’s couture show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia!

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