Bridal Boss: Paperlust

To start with, tell us a little bit about Paperlust!

Paperlust is a stationery company that connects people who love beautiful print design with some of Australia’s top designers. We sell wedding and event stationery, and our product line is always expanding! We were founded in Melbourne in 2015.

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in stationery design?

A big trend, recently, has been coloured paper stock. Many brides are choosing white ink or foil on coloured paper rather than the traditional ink on white paper. Blue paper is the most common choice, from deep navy to bright aqua.

Real foil invitations are always on trend, and copper foiling has been more popular than ever with the big copper trend over the last year or two. Watercolour remains a popular invitation trend as well.

What is your most popular invitation (or style) on Paperlust?

Nature-inspired designs are extremely popular on site. Almost all of our most popular invitations include wreaths, flowers or branches. Garden Estate by designer Haley Johnston is one of our most popular individual designs.

Do you still need to send thank you cards?

Thank you cards are one of the main wedding traditions that remains important to many people. Even if you’re not having your Father give you away, or having guests choose a side at the ceremony, it’s still considered rude not to acknowledge your guests’ love, support, and gifts with a card.

Do your thank you cards need to match your wedding invitations?

The most important thing about your thank you cards is that you write and send them! Choose thank you cards you love and will look forward to writing in, and the whole job will be easier. It can be nice to match your thank you cards to your wedding invitations for a sense of continuity, to ‘bookend’ the whole event nicely, but it’s not essential. Historically, it was unseemly for the two not to match, but if you’re bucking tradition with the rest of your wedding, it’s no big deal to ditch this one too. If your style is very eclectic, it might be best that they don’t match! It’s entirely up to you.

What are your top tips for wedding stationery?

It’s a good idea to know some information about your wedding before you choose the right design for you. Details like the theme, number of guests, level of formality, colour palette, and the venue can influence your choice, and knowing some of these things in advance can help make sure you choose something that fits with your overall vision for the day. Of course, you should also consider your budget.

Know what information you need to communicate to guests, and plan how you will communicate it – that is, what cards you might need in your stationery suite. The most common collection includes save the dates, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you cards, but could also include extra information cards with information about your gift registry, directions to the event, and accommodation details. You should also think about on the day stationery, like orders of service, place cards, menus, and signage. Plan out your stationery set based on your needs and your budget. 

How long does ordering wedding stationery usually take?

The time it takes to actually order your wedding stationery is entirely up to you: some people sit down and find the perfect invite right away, while others think about a few options for months before they make their final choice.

Once you purchase, the amount of time for delivery will vary depending where you order your stationery from. At Paperlust, you can have your wedding stationery in as little as a few days with expedited shipping on digital and white ink. More complex print types take longer, but even letterpress invitations (which need the longest time period) should be at your door in about a fortnight. This may vary slightly at peak periods or when suppliers shut down over Christmas, so it’s always best not to leave your order to the last minute.

If you are concerned about the time period for your order, our team can help with specific information based on your preferred design, volume and print types.

When should we send our save the dates and invitations?

Save the dates are typically sent out about six months before the big day, but may be sent out even earlier, especially if it’s a destination wedding or a lot of people will be traveling to attend. Wedding invitations should be sent out 6-12 weeks before the wedding. You should err on the longer side if a save the date wasn’t sent out first, to ensure guests have as much planning time as possible.
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