Beauty Travel Checklist

I’m going to share a little travel story of mine with you in the hopes that I can prevent you from making the same mistake I did. It all started when I was flying overseas at the end of a busy week, I couldn’t be bothered packing my beauty case so I just reassured myself I would buy all the products when I was over there. The only problem was I was travelling to Singapore for a months long stay, where fake tan isn’t in their vocabulary and instead all of their products had skin whitening agents in them. Needless to say, this made this summer holiday a very pale one and I was almost too embarrassed to make the white walk of shame to the hotels pool.

The lesson I learnt? Preparation is key. Everybody wants to look their best when going on holiday – especially if its your honeymoon! So plan in advance of all the essentials you need both on the holiday and how you can prep your skin to being its best before you leave. Here are my favourite travel products that I swear by so I’m never left overwhelmed and confused in another countries beauty department store again!

Wedding Kit – Province Apothecary



These products are not only amazing to use in the lead up to your big day – but are also great for maintaining that beautiful bridal glow long after! These all natural and organic skin care products ensure that your skin is kept feeling clean, clear and radiating that in-love glow. This kit is travel sized so it is perfect for that sweet little getaway or honeymoon and its small enough that you can even take it on board aeroplanes in your cabin luggage! It contains a moisturising cleanser which doubles as a makeup remover to ensure you can get from partying to being in bed as quickly as you downed those last few tequila shots. There is an invigorating and balancing toner which restores pH, shrinks pores and blemishes and stimulates and tightens the skin all with a single puff. What will no doubt come most in handy is the lip balm to repair your chapped lips for all that kissing you’ll inevitably be doing. There is a clear skin serum which I have come to swear by – it helps in the healing of blemishes but also scars and ingrown hairs, so is perfect to keep on hand when you’re prone to do a dodgy job at shaving! Last but certainly not least – it contains a hangover remedy which can make you feel bright and bubbly the next day despite the copious amounts of bubbles you had the night before… Because you don’t want to waste away your holidays feeling sorry for yourself!

Buddy Scrub


It’s important to get rid of the old before welcoming in the new! So scrub away that dead skin before starting fresh on a perfect new tan (be it real or fake – we don’t judge!). I absolutely love the raw cacao body scrub by Buddy Scrub – it feels like you’re smothering yourself in chocolate – and I honestly can’t think of anything better than that. Scrubs exfoliates, nourishes and moisturises the skin as well as helping with dry skin, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, cellulite and scarring. With benefits like this, you don’t even need the excuse of a holiday to scrub on a weekly basis!

Tuscan Tan

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.04.24 am


Self Tan Gel – Sometimes on tropical getaways its easy to spot who just got there and who is coming to the end of their holiday by their tan or there lack of! Thats why I recommend applying this tanner a day or two before jet setting off on your holiday, so when you get there you fit right in! There will be no awkward first walk down to the sun beds where you blind everyone with you’re whiteness. Not only does this product give you an amazingly bronze glow but it has skin conditioning ingredients to hydrate and protect your skin too. The formula is tinted for even, streak free application, dries in seconds, and is subtlly fragranced to eliminate that horrid fake tan odour that some tans leave.

Facial Tanning Serum – When I was a newbie to tanning I often made the mistake of using my normal tanner on my face. Never again! This product is formulated specifically for the face to give you that luminous, sun-kissed glow and not leave you looking like an Ompa-Lompa! The colour is build able so you can customise the shade of your complexion with repeat applications.



Tinted Tan Extender – Perfect for the evenings when you want to shine – product has a bit of mineral shimmer to give you a dewy glow. Also great to have after the holiday so you can keep that tan you worked hard on going for weeks!

pH Balanced Skin Wash – Formulated for use prior to the tanning application to restore the skin’s natural pH levels, and afterwards once the tan has developed to gently cleanse the skin whilst showering and maintain pH levels so that the tan doesn’t alter in colour or fade prematurely. It also smells divine so is great to have  at home to give you the feeling that your shower is a tropical oasis!


Bambi & Sammi


Hair Masque – Although holidays can make your body and mind feel absolutely relaxed and fantastic – the real victim is always your hair! A holidays worth of sun, salt and water and using dodgy hotel shampoos and conditioners – you need to treat it to its own holiday when you get home! You can do this with some help from Bambi & Sammi, a masque full of natures finest ingredients. It contains antioxidants, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter so your hair can be treated to a little paradise of its own.

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